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David Kirkdorffer
Location:P.O. Box 990, Allston, MA 02134, USA
Email Address(es):sayaaahh@aol.com
Website URL(s):http://members.aol.com/sayaaahh/
Projects/Ensembles:UNDO - in the moment live improvisations & conceptually based studio recordings
Instruments:Guitar, Volume Pedal, Various Foot Pedals
Looping Gear:Oberheim Echoplex, old Korg SD2000 Delay (where most of my cool sounds come from), dbX Stereo Compressor (Left=after the floor f/x || Right=just B4 the 'Echoplex) Bandmaster Amp 15' Bass Speaker & Roland Jazz Chorus
Influences:Ambient stuff on the FAX label, Techno/Jungle, Fripp, Torn, Glass and other No Commercial Potential sonic treats.
Musical Style:Ambient, Noise, Experimental, 'UNDOingnesses' -- a term I use for creating with minimal consciousness.
Recordings Available:1) Loopers-Delight CD Project II.
2) A Guitar/Drums/Voice trio called 'little a' w/a CD available at: http://members.aol.com/sayaaahh/
Seems the question of the age in all the arts is this: What is the place / role of technology?

So, fulfilling my nature as a Gemini, I play guitar with either no effects whatsoever, or with so many effects that the guitar is unidentifiable as such and just 'feeds the machines.' Who knows what I'll generate.

Keeps me guessing what will happen next. I like that!

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