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Olivier Malhomme
Location:Unite d'Oncologie Moleculaire/ Institut Pasteur de lille, 1 rue Calmette, B.P. 245, 59 019 Lille cedex, France
Phone Number:20 87 77 29 or 20 07 26 89
Email Address(es):malhomme@infobiogen.fr
Projects/Ensembles:Panama (sort of rock group, just for the record), The Red Point (this thing got a KC flavour sometime...), Olivier Malhomme (isn't it simple) actually, the ballets I wrote for a contemporary dancing company here Olivier Malhomme (again): songs with more of a meditative feel.
Looping Gear:A poor ART sge with 2 incredible seconds (hum!), seconded with a midi delay via Cubase(and a Roland gr-50). Otherwise, organic real loops: no delay, I play everything on a multi-tracker (akai mg14d), and mix then.
Influences:This one is gonna be tough. From time order: Old renaissance music, then Bach Handel, Scarlatti D., then jump to Debussy, Stravinski, Bartok, Ravel, then to Sylvian, King Crimson, K. Bush, P. Gabriel, Nyman and Glass, NIN, T. Heads. But I should add books, films, that are as influencial... Like the maltese falcon, any films from J.Cassavetes, or Trust me from Hal Hartley, or Abel Ferrara.. And Lewis Carroll, and Kundera. OK let's just stop here....
Musical Style:My real area of concentration is being able to reach Music (with capital M) and to keep an experimental side in it. That doesn't explain anything, I know....
Recordings Available:in progress. Nothing is finished so far....so, keep tuned..

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