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Paul Mimlitsch
Location:216 Ridge Rd. Southampton, N.J. 08088
Email Address(es):pmimlitsch@aol.com
Website URL(s):http://members.aol.com/pmimlitsch/
Projects/Ensembles:Perform Solo and duo w/J.Jody Janetta (Bass,Percussion). Perform as 'Invasion of Time' w/ fellow Stick player/loopist Jim Speer. Perform as part of the exploratory jazz group 'Adelante' w/J.Janetta (Drums,Bass), Dan Osterweil (Horns), Anthony Vega (Percussion).
Instruments:'81 Epiphone Emperor 'thinline', Gibson Custom Shop 'Pat Martino', Gibson '74 L5S, Epi. '36 Spartan, '40 Blackstone, and .'52 Zenith acoustic archtop guitars, '54 Epi. Dlx.Cutaway electric archtop.
Looping Gear:Looping devices: Lexicon Jamman, Digitech RDS 8000, Digitech PDS 8000
Processors: Digitech TSR24, Line6 Pod2.
Musical Style:Exploratory.
Recordings Available:-Various self produced CDs available. Most current - 'Linear Excursions'.
-'Adelante' CD (w/ J.Janetta-perc/ D. Osterweil-sax/flute).
'Guest' one 'Broadside Electric's' CD 'With Teesth' and Ray Ashley's 'Cinema Inferno'.
-Solo performance revolves around building and exploring continually evolving 'ambient' loops that are either compositions in themselves or serve as textures/rythmns that give rise to original themes (songs?) and/or serve as inspirations for free improv.
-'Invasion of Time' (duo w/Stick player/loopist Jim Speer) performances follow the same scenario of continuously evolving loop based explorations but give rise to loops/textures that are more angular, dissonant, and 'out'.
-'Adelante's' approach covers both of the above scenarios.

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