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Paul Poplawski, Ph.D.
Location:200 Unami Trail Newark, DE 19711
Phone Number:302/737-8738
Email Address(es):Paulpop@ssnet.com
Looping Gear:tape, Jamman
Influences:Fripp, Eno, Torn, Kraftwerk, McLaughlin, Glass, Riley, Reich
Musical Style:improvisational musipeautics
I have played in the improvisational "performance art" group, "Dick Uranus"
for the past 20 years. In that time we have amassed thousands of hours of
tape that remains in our archive. We utilize found and purchased musical
elements and "looping" as it is currently considered was a method from the
beginning. I am currently performing publically in the Newark, DE area with
the group "Accidents will Happen" which is a totally improvised ensemble
utilizing guitar, bass and other devices as input elements into various
systems for further treatment. I am not purposely being cute here ... though
all of this at times sounds so highminded ... I like to have a sense of
humor about these things ...

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