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Justin Rice
Location:4241 E. 24th PL. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114
Email Address(es):ARICE@taascforce.com
Projects/Ensembles:Currently in a 2 man group called the Omegamen. My co-conspirator is David John.
Instruments:Bach ML 43 Stradivarius Bb trumpet with Bobby Shew mouthpiece. My two main guitars are a Steinberger GM4t and a custom frankenstrat with EMGs. I also use several keyboards; 2 Sequential Circuits 6 traks and 1 Drum Trax, Moog Micromoog and Satellite, ELKA 490, Korg Wavestation and Prophecy, and a Roland JP-8000. I run the trumpet, guitars and keyboards through a DOD envelope filter, TC chorus, 2 Lexicon Vortices, ADA microcab, Ernie Ball volume, Rat 2, and finally into a Pearce G2r.
Looping Gear:I use the 2 Lexicon Vortices for looping as well as fx. Most looping is done with Emagic Logic Audio, and an Akai MPC2000. Loops are mutated with the help of severe digital editing on my computer.
Influences:Torn, Frisell, Eno, Tomita, Holdsworth, Abercrombie, Lifeson, The Edge, Zappa sr, Belew, Fripp, Hassell, Zorn, Aphex Twin, NIN, Skinny Puppy, Neil Norman, Vangelis...like everyone listed around me, I could go on forever...
Musical Style:Techno-industrial-ambient-slam-pop??
Recordings Available:Demo should be available by October 97.
I've played trumpet for around 15 years and guitar for around 9. I've been
working in tandem with my bandmate for sometime, both of us trying to
acquire the gear to produce our own CD in house, and to perform that
weirdness live. We've finally gotten the gear together and are working
steadily to get out a demo. Our music can be described as dance-able dark
electronica for lack of any other descriptors. I started processing the
trumpet a couple of years ago and then found out about Jon Hassell and was
amazed. I'm still working on more effective ways of implementing that into
the group I'm in. Inquiries can be sent to me at the address listed above.

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