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Dave Stafford
Location:studio seventeen productions, p.o. box 461363, escondido, ca 92046, u.s.a.
Phone Number:(760) 739-8346
Email Address(es):ambient@home.com
Website URL(s):http://www3.adnc.com/~ambient/index.html
Projects/Ensembles:bindlestiff (ambient electronic group); the dozey lumps (acoustic guitar duo); saffron matted voids (cyberambient music)
Instruments:Ibanez Explorer Electric Guitar, New Standard Tuning, Ovation 1867 Acoustic/Electric Guitar, New Standard Tuning, Energy Bow, Yamaha DX11 and Yamaha DX7S keyboard, Sony Discman
Looping Gear:oberheim echoplex digital pro (198 second configuration) w/FC pedal, digitech TSR-24S (5 second loop + reverbs) w/CC pedal, digitech RDS-8000 (8 second loop), roland GP-16 w/CC pedal, mesa boogie preamp, A-B power amp, ground control midi pedal, digitech whammy II pitch pedal
Influences:the beatles, adrian belew, brian eno, kate bush, camel, robert fripp, king crimson, the league of gentlemen, the league of crafty guitarists, early genesis, gentle giant, gryphon, allan holdsworth, johann sebastian bach, peter hammill, van der graaf generator, roy harper, nick harper, the innocence mission, ravi shankar, ali akbar khan, joni mitchell, john dowland, todd rundgren, utopia, split enz, 10cc, godley & creme, tomaso albinoni, neil young, erik satie, xtc, frank zappa
Musical Style:ambient/semi-ambient (solo); ambient/semi-ambient/loud (bindlestiff); active acoustic guitar duo (the dozey lumps);
experimental (bindlestiff); cyberambient (saffron matted voids)
please visit http://members.xoom.com/ambient17/sounds.html for some RealAudio samples
Recordings Available:please visit http://www3.adnc.com/~ambient/discog.html for the latest information
as a solo performer, i generally attempt to approach performance with nopreconceived ideas of content. in this way, if i am fortunate, music willmake itself apparent. most of the music i create is wholly improvised, withperhaps a basic starting point that i've established. this leads to a myriadof possibilities, with musical hazard at one end of the spectrum and musicalmusic at the other...and anything in between might occur. there is nothingquite like beginning a performance with no set list, noparameters...anything goes, and anything can happen. 'expectations are a prison...'the same ideas apply to my work within the electronic group bindlestiff,wherein the pieces have a basic structure but each individual performance iswholly improvised and different. for the most part, i tend to stay withinthe realms of the ambient, with occasional excursions towards the loud. theuse of the energy bow as the primary source of sound really creates aspecial ambience all its own, and by working specifically with the e-bow,the sounds and loops i create are distinctive and unique.in this way music can appear at it's most unexpected...surprising, delightful, frightening, overwhelming, gentle...but all with, hopefully,that quality we call 'beauty'. 'the highest quality of attention we may give is love'...so we relax and allow the music to flow.

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