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Tim Walker
Email Address(es):t.a.walker72@gmail.com
Website URL(s):http://tawalker.bandcamp.com/
Projects/Ensembles:Not at present, though I'm open to long-distance collaborations.
Instruments:Steinberger Sceptre electric guitar, Roland VG-8EX, EBow, Zoom 4040 (occasionally), Behringer Eurorack UB802 8-channel mixer
Looping Gear:Boomerang Phrase Sampler (1Mb model - 1998 vintage!), Marshall Echohead
Influences:(in this musical field) Few surprises, really - Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Mike Oldfield, Bill Nelson, David Torn, Bill Frisell, Harold Budd, Ed Alleyne-Johnson, Durutti Column, Phil Keaggy, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Daniel Lanois, Cocteau Twins, Terry Riley, Cibo Matto
Musical Style:I used to call my style 'Suburban Ambient Progressive Folk-rock' (i.e. sort of ambient-progressive, with folky tinges here and there), but don't really have a name for it now.
Recordings Available:'Gateway Suite' (2010) - live-to-solidstate solo loop guitar; free download from my BandCamp page

Currently out of print:

'Out Of The Glacier' (1999) - 1993-98 retrospective compilation, with one or two primitive early looping efforts (MP3.com)
'Over The Bridge' (1999) - solo loop guitar (MP3.com)
'Through The Arch Window' (1998) - my first loop guitar excursions with the Boomerang (only available at the time as a streaming RealAudio 'virtual album')

I'm considering compiling a 'best of' set from the out-of-print albums above, which if I ever get around to it, will be made available via my BandCamp page. I'd also like to 'reissue' 'Over The Bridge', but first I have to see if I can excavate the original master tracks from my archive...
After doing the usual piano and recorder lessons at junior school, I took up guitar at age 14, partly as an escape route from the world. Funnily enough, it helped me get back INTO the world.

Until I discovered looping, it seemed like my own musical voice as a guitarist, and the ideal vehicle to present and develop it, would always evade me. From my tentative first steps with a Boss DD2 in the mid-1990s, to my later excursions with the Boomerang, I feel like that voice finally made itself known.

For most of the 2000s, I set the looping aside in favour of songwriting, work and starting a family (as you do), although I still listened to other loopers' works from time to time. Now, in 2010, it feels like the Muse of Loop is returning, and I have started to get back into recording and performing this kind of music again, with 'Gateway Suite' (2010) the first fruits of a new tree. But what of my original works?

'Through The Arch Window' was my first generally available set of recordings, only accessible in the late 90s as a RealAudio 'virtual album', and the follow-up, 'Over The Bridge' (1999) was released via MP3.com. Both have long been unavailable, but I am considering compiling a BandCamp album of my 'better' guitar recordings from the period, if I can find the time.

In August 1999 I acquired a Roland VG-8EX (with a GK2-equipped Steinberger to drive it) and ACID Music. Whilst I have spent much of the intervening couple of years away from loop-based music, I've always intended to come back to this approach when I feel the time is right, and to return to the studio to work on some new material (now that my studio gear has improved noticeably in the interim).

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