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Scott Valkwitch
Location:Buffalo, NY
Website URL(s):www.myspace.com/scott_v
Projects/Ensembles:Vexer, Caustic Solution, Bare Flames, Iron Claw
Instruments:acoustic guitar, electric guitar (jagmaster, epiphone dot, tele custom) dunlop octave fuzz, 80's ProCo Rat, modded Electro Harmonix Russian BigMuff reissue, modified Digitech PDS-1002 2 Second Delay/Sampler, modified Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, DIY 20 second looper
Looping Gear:Digitech PDS 1002 2 second delay/sampler, Akai 4 track reel-to-reel tape deck, DIY 20 second looper module, any stereo effect to create a feedback loop.
Influences:Robert Ashley, Tony Conrad, Sonic Youth and too many more to list...
Musical Style:Avant, Improv, Noise, Rock
Recordings Available:Various Artists: I Donít Think The Dirt Belongs To The Grass: A Carbon Records Compilation (Carbon CR-99) 3xCD
w/ Caustic Solution also includes: Aaron Rosenblum, Andy Gilmore, Anla Courtis, Antony Milton, Asthmatic, Autumn In Halifax, Blood and Bone Orchestra, Blood Stereo, Carlos Giffoni, Carpentry, Chad Oliveiri, Chris Reeg, Cock ESP, Coffee, Craig Colorusso, Crawlspace, Crush The Junta, The Davenport Family, Dead Machines, Entente Cordiale, Foot and Mouth Disease, G55, Gastric Female Reflex, Heathen Prayers, Hilkka, Hinkley, Howard Stelzer, Irene Moon, Joe+N, John Charlton, Justice Yeldman, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Lunt, Mike Shiflet, Nancy Garcia, Neil Campbell, Pengo, Phroq, Pumice, Rainbeaux, Sindre Bjerga, Sindre Bjerga/Jan-M Iversen, Sq, Taiwan Deth, Taurpis Tula, The Body, The North Sea, Thurston Moore and Tinnitustimulus.

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