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Luigi Meloni
Email Address(es):Luigimeloni74@libero.it
Website URL(s):http://www.Kutmusic.com
Projects/Ensembles:Altered Sounds, Morgoth, Impro, Acorn Project, collaborations with Shadrach, Modra Stjerne, Pcus, DjBatman, Raumizio Lorri Noize Duo, Globster
Instruments:P.R.S. Santana S.E., Ibanez RG7620 (with Dimarzios), Fernandes Revolver Pro 7,Parker p38 (w/ Seymour Duncan '59s), Hohner Steinberger 4strings bass, Heritage strat-like with sperzels and a Kahler trem, Line6 Variax N300(nylon), Line6 PodXT Live, Yamaha Tx81Z synth, Yamaha Cs1X synth, Kawai K1R, Korg Z3 synth, Boss Vf-1 multifx, Korg A1 multifx, Brunetti Cento valve preamp, Electrix Repeater, auto-built Phaser fx, Cry Baby Wha,Ibanez TS9, Behringer DDX3216 mixer, Intel Core2Duo E6600 based computer. Various pedals and Amplifiers.
Looping Gear:Oberheim Echoplex expanded to 50.3 seconds,updated to LoopIII software; Electrix Repeater. Korg A1 for very short (2.6 seconds) modulated loops. Computer softwares for midi loops.
Influences:David Torn, mostly; Michael Brook; Robert Fripp; Steve Vai; Joe Satriani; Tangerine Dream; Beatles and many others in the years.
Musical Style:Various experiments in D'n'B, Jungle, Ambient, Dark Noise, Abstract Electronica.
Now I work also with classical music...
Recordings Available:Altered Sounds - Loopin'Guitars
Altered Sounds - Vol. 2
Acorn Project - Live - 26/07/01
Impro - Improvvisazione Impropria
Acorn Project - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligaris - Live at Kabala 03/02/02
Impro +1 - Live in Pescara - 06/01/02
Morgoth - Morgoth

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