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clever baggage
Location:about 80 miles north of seattle in bellingham washington.
Email Address(es):clever_baggage@hotmail.com
Projects/Ensembles:too many to keep track of. i record anywhere from two to ten hours
daily.i have a queue of over 500 original works and almost the same number of collage pieces (loop and sample based).
Instruments:drums 22 years, guitar/bass twelve years, keys, turntables, samplers, and groove boxes ten years.
Looping Gear:boss dr. sample, acid, cakewalk pro audio 9, cubase, akai mpc 2000
rebirth, about half of the loops and samples i use are performed and recorded by myself, the other half are stolen.
Influences:orb, photek, roni size, future sound of london, aphex twin,my bloody valentine, the roots, krs one, john cage, brian eno, robert fripp, massive attack, miles davis, autechre, ultramarine, eric idle, kenny rankin(no relation at all to the rankin family!!!) herbalizer, herbie hancock, just to name a few.....
Musical Style:styles include: jungle, hip hop, deep house, trance, ambient,
experimental, acid jazz, i do it all! (and well i might add)
Recordings Available:no commercial releases. just compilations of my work ive sold at shows, parties etc. demos are free to those interested. just let me know where to send em.
i just want to heal the world with dope sound. im seeking record producers with the
same goal. take good care of yourself and others. the world is becoming more and more frightening with each passing day. until next time - peace...

p.s. if your ever up on mt. baker on a wednesday night check out my radio show
1/2 mv squared on 89.9fm 'community exprimental radio'... 9 pm - 12 or 1 am.

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