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Keenan Lawler
Location:Louisville Ky
Phone Number:502-895-0515
Email Address(es):klaw@konstant.com
Website URL(s):http://www.konstant.com/
Projects/Ensembles:solo(acoustic&electonic).TransParent,Labour Party ,KLAW ensemble,Gambian Bat Invective,Overtone Trio,Version,Ntrain,Moniker
Instruments:Guitars,Samplers,keyboard,bass,vox,percussion-jaw harp banjo-autoharp -my son's toys-
Looping Gear:Eventide,Oberheim EDP,EmuE6400,sequencer Lexicon,Sound Sculpture-midi processors& progams-Mac_PC-yes,both.tape-
Influences:Beatles,rock-20th century classical-Minimalism(Riley-Conrad-Reich -Chatham)John Cale ,Mission of Burma Roger Miller-Eno-,Ives -Satie-Stravinsky Bartok-Tom Verlaine-Astor Piazolla-AMM -Derek Bailey-Evan Parker-Johnny Cash-krautrock-
Carnatic -Hindustani-Gamelan-Gnawa& african musics bagpipes-Jazz-50s -60s
free(dolphy-monk-coltrane-ayler-mingus-ornette-don cherry-miles)70s funk-punk-80s post- punk-This Heat- Wire -electronic -dub-hiphop-drum n bass-natural & physical sounds-wind -insects-drones -everyday patterns & seemingly mundane cyclic occurences-my family & friends-books-film-entrainment-pain & joy
Musical Style:I have been fortunate to play & collaborate with some very high calliber improvisors & musicians over the years as a result of this ,Ive played many concievable forms of improvised- experimental music & sound -jazz -rock-pschydelic-elctronic-acoustic-prepared -unprepared-retuned -detuned- My music covers ground from bowed acoustic overtone guitar to elctronic looping of guitars & other instruments & sound sources -composition for sampler using complex processing to composition for living musicians
Recordings Available: The Ghost of a plane of air(konstant)solo gtr transformations --K-law-update(konstant recordings)-Loopers Delight vol 2- TARC-One Free Ride(3 songs),Red Fly Nation The Unblind Flotilla(Asgard)6 songs
soon: the Pleasure of Mania -Ntrain -Klaw ensemble-
collaborations with Rhys Chatham ,Paul K ,Matmos & Joee Conroy
My goals for 2000 -try to survive & prosper in this cold cruel unjust heartless world & make some good music in the process

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