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Re: loops/Y2K/Leibniz/Zeno/Imhotep

Sorry, I didn't have time to reply to you before, no need to get irritable.
>From your previous post, I would say  replace the fuse first, same as
Travis suggested. Did you actually replace it, or did you just look at it?
Sometimes fuses blow in ways that are hard to see, and you have to look
pretty hard to tell if it burned through or not. Easy to just replace it,
then make sure the replacement has not blown too. (some people have had
trouble getting poor quality fuses at radio shack or whereever that blew
immediately in the echoplex. You may want to go up a size if you go there.)
If the fuse keeps blowing, there may really be a short or something, in
which case you should have a tech look at it.

did you try calling Mike Ayers at Gibson Customer service? His number is
800-777-0795 x382 or (615) 871-4500 x382. or his mail is mayers@gibson.com.
Usually he is very responsive and can provide you with info on getting
repairs done. In fact, if you contact any of the customer service people
there they are usually quite responsive and go find the answer you need.
They'll often go so far as to contact people like me with questions from
users if they are not sure of the best answer. I think they do a pretty
good job. (they might be on thanksgiving holiday today, though.)

and honestly, I'm just amazed sometimes at how people forget the simple
idea of picking up their telephone and calling the people employed to help.
Instead they'll spend lots of time writing panicky messages to internet
discussion lists, when the best resources are right there waiting for them?
use your phone!


At 11:49 AM -0800 11/26/99, BByLng734@aol.com wrote:
>    Sorry to disappoint, but here is a mundanely on-topic post - I think a
>sharing of leads to competent and punctual technicians/shops who repair 
>would be beneficial to the majority of the readership.  My Echolplex is in
>need of repair and I am reluctant to trust it to a general "tinkerer" in a
>local shop.  I would send it anywhere good work is known to be done on 
>    I've referenced the LD archives, sent email to various Gibson/Oberheim
>officers (to no effect) and even opened the box and checked the fuse (as 
>single reply to my previous post suggested - thanks anyway, Travis) -
>Unfortunately, none of these attempts has led me to a solution.
>    C'mon, folks - With the number of EDP users (including some
>professionals) and even designers of the unit itself on this list, a very
>useful pool of information could be collected.  And little to no armchair
>philosophizing is required.
>    Thanks - Rob Lang
>    (If responses are sent, I'd suggest a retitling of the thread (from my
>joking title to something including "repair") to aid future reference)

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