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Re: waterphones and other cool instruments

Dear Darcy,

If you're interested in finding out a lot more about new sound sources and 
unusual instruments like the waterphone, I suggest visiting the 
Experimental Musical
Instruments site <http://www.windworld.com/emi/>.

EMI was a small but invaluable magazine published from 1985 up until last 
year. You can find a lot of interesting articles on electroacoustic 
instruments in the
EMI web page, through the listing their back issues (which are still 
available). The EMI homepage also has a large number of links to various 
instrument inventors
and resources on the web.

There's also an interesting discussion list called "oddmusic,"  with a 
focus on invented instruments. There's been a of talk and tips on 
"circuit-bending" there.
You can access it through e-groups.com: 

Best regards,

Darcy Clark wrote:

> I was going to ask what a waterphone was, but found a webpage describing
> one :
> http://www.spacebeat.com/waterphone/
> must be a great instrument to loop I would think.....cool
> Speaking of interesting instruments - has anyone heard or seen the Blue
> Man Group do their thing - I saw them in NYC recently and they had a
> 3-piece with a zither playing getting some great sounds and quite
> possibly using looping also. It looked like it was split into chordal
> and lead zones. It was dark and the band was hard to see, but it
> appeared that the zither player was setting up chordal-type sustaining
> sounds on one zone of the instrument and playing lead-type stuff on a
> different zone.
> Anyway, I would be interested in hearing about other cool electric or
> acoustic instruments that are interesting sounding (and maybe suitable
> for loopy type stuff).
> Darcy
> magicicada@mindspring.com wrote:
> >
> > Loopers-Delightwell since i use no guitars  and opt for samplers with 
>live loops from my mics and modular synths
> >
> > i guess i would breakdance
> > dude i am electro besides my waterphone and well i could play the kids 
> > c
> >
> > @annihilist.com wrote:
> > > In a message dated Wed, 28 Jun 2000  1:07:32 PM Eastern Daylight 
>Time, magicicada@mindspring.com writes:
> > >
> >
> > So if a cable goes bad, or something in your signal path crashes, or 
>(insert disaster here), what will you do?  Sing?  It's bound to happen 
>sooner or later...
> >
> > curious,
> >
> > k
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