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Re: Digitech Multiplay

Yes, much thanks. 

> I'm a long time owner of a Multiplay 20/20 and would strongly recommend
> it to anyone looking for a great delay pedal.  Up to 2 seconds of delay
> with a hold pedal that allows you to basically sample and hold a delay,
> press the footswitch, add some more, close it again and so on until you
> can stand no more.  Plus, the addition of a sort of chorus/flanger (I'm
> not sure what they call it but it doesn't quite sound like either in my
> opinion.  A nice modulation effect but it can get overused quickly) that
> can be added to the delay (up to 1 second I think).  This was really my
> first effects pedal and I still hold it in high esteem.  In the days of
> the DL4 it may not be worth a whole lot of cash, but if you find one for
> under, say $75, its a pretty nice piece of gear.