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Re: waterphones and other cool instruments

You can check out Blue Man Group's instrumentation in detail at
<http://www.blueman.com/> This'll bring you to their homepage, but if you
click on "About the Music", and then "Band", you'll see that they do in
fact use a three-piece consisting of Stick, drums, and yes, zither. There
are actually four ensembles now (Boston, New York, Chicago and Las Vegas)
and, get this: they are seeking musicians. (Guitarists, bassists, and


At 08:28 AM 7/9/00 -0400, you wrote:
>> At least during 1998-1999, Tom Shad was playing Chapman Stick with the
>> NYC Blue Man Group. I haven't corresponded with him recently, and don't
>> know if there's also a zither involved, but there was a Stick in NYC. :)