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Re: I'll be doing an 'open mic' tonight - San Francisco

Go man go! Good luck Matt! Is this possibly going to be a regular thing? 
Always wednesdays? I'd love to come up some time...


>>> mattdavignon@hotmail.com 07/05 12:54 PM >>>

Hey guys,

I'll be trying my hands at an experimental/fringe/improv music "open mic" 
Kimo's Nightclub tonight. (1351 Polk St. near Pine). The fun starts at 

I'll be using my setup of one CD player & one turntable with 2 DOD Dfx 94 
looping pedals. If anyone wants to go, say hi and it will be great to 
If anyone wants to help me bring my equipment to and from the taxi (2 
trips), let me know and  I'll buy you a drink when we're there.

Matt Davignon
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