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Re:OT salutations

rich wrote:

> >Good luck , Matt.  or Break a leg.  or (Just what are us loopers 
>supposed to
> >say?  "Good looping"?, "May your loops never stop"?, "Stay glued"? 
> >for tape loopers])
> my wife is a modern dance choreographer, and the stage term for dancers
> seems to be 'Merde'.  I couldn't understand why they were saying 'shit' 
> each other in French, until she pointed out how improper 'Break a Leg'
> would be to a dancer, especially considering how superstitious them 
> kinda folks are...
> rich

funny. my brother (who lives outside of oslo) tells me the phrase for good 
among norwegian fishermen is "shit fisken", i.e. shitty fishing. i guess 
meant to not offend the sea gods...

lance g.

so, matt, shit fisken (i know, it sounds like something else!)