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Re: Loopers In Dallas/FTW


We've met! A few years ago, I sat in with you and the RRB at the Winedale on Greenville.

Would like to hear the band again and I'd like to hear Kim's band.

Have been out of the live stuff, for the most part, and working in my home studio on a CD project. Should be completed by the end of the summer.

Got an Oberheim Echoplex. REALLY like the looping stuff. It's wonderful. Now I learning how to "play" it.

I'm doing sort of ambient, themeish stuff with strong melody and interesting rhythms. Would like to get out and do some of it live. It lends itself to a type of production, rather than a gig type of environment. But, we'll see.

Hope we meet soon. I want to get to know some loopers, compare notes and learn.

I'm living in Santa Fe for the month and will be back in Dallas early August.

Let's stay in touch.

Tell Stymie Big Mike said hello!


At 12:40 AM 7/8/00 -0500, you wrote:
Hi Michael,
I'm a looper and also make Boomerang Phrase Samplers. However, when it comes to looping, I'm only the star of my living room. I do play in a band where the bass player uses a Rang on most of our tunes. It's an original bluesy, swampy thing called the Rotten Rubber Band. Stymie's bass is a short scale 6 string tuned like a guitar but 1 octave lower. He also sings lead and plays harmonica. Tex, our percussionist, plays a mix of trash cans and "real" instruments. I play guitar, and there is a mad man, Kim Corbet, who plays trombone and melodica. If you look up gear head in the dictionary, there's a picture of Kim. We play at different clubs around town.
Kim also has a band called Gouge. They consist of Kim, who adds a synth to his other instruments, an electronic percussionist and a guitarist. They use 2 Rangs and are very interesting. An incredible amount of music comes out of these three guys. They are very avant garde, so have a tough time getting booked.

Michael Clark wrote:
Just curious if there are any loopers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who
peruse this list?
Mike Nelson

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