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Re: Loopers In Dallas/FTW

Hi Michael,
    I'm a looper and also make Boomerang Phrase Samplers. However, when it comes to looping, I'm only the star of my living room. I do play in a band where the bass player uses a Rang on most of our tunes. It's an original bluesy, swampy thing called the Rotten Rubber Band. Stymie's bass is a short scale 6 string tuned like a guitar but 1 octave lower. He also sings lead and plays harmonica. Tex, our percussionist, plays a mix of trash cans and "real" instruments. I play guitar, and there is a mad man, Kim Corbet, who plays trombone and melodica. If you look up gear head in the dictionary, there's a picture of Kim. We play at different clubs around town.
    Kim also has a band called Gouge. They consist of Kim, who adds a synth to his other instruments, an electronic percussionist and a guitarist. They use 2 Rangs and are very interesting. An incredible amount of music comes out of these three guys. They are very avant garde, so have a tough time getting booked.

Michael Clark wrote:

Just curious if there are any loopers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who
peruse this list?
Mike Nelson

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