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That's all decided among the group of people involved in the project. CT 
stands for Chain Tape... which was what we did for the first two projects. 
The last couple involved mailing dats, md's, cassettes, vhs, cdr etc. to a 
mastering person... then duping. Final product has been mailed to all 
participants as well as Kim Flint... and finally Matt Davignon (Ribosome 
Records) handles further orders and distribution. We hope to grow as far 
as our achievements allow...


>>> echoplex@yahoo.com 07/07 1:42 PM >>>
Sorry to show my ignorance so soon, but would someone explain exactly
what a CT project is?  I understand we each submit music, but where
does it go?  Do we just distribute amoungst ourselves, or is it made
available for sale to others?


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