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Re: Please Help ME SU700 Scsi Problems


>I mean when you change from 2 scenes with different effect setup, it
>takes 1 to 2 secs the SU to load new algorithms into DSPs of effect
>processor, and depending on which effects you're using you can hear
>those glitches.

i know this problem. i sort of figured a solution for it (but not a perfect
for example you change from scene a to b. and you have that annoying lag.
if the track to which the effect is applied in scene b is muted in the 
then all you have to do is to put that effect on that track also in the
scene a. the
bad thing is that you use up one effect, but there won't be any lag. if the
track isn't muted
then the only solution i found is, that you copy that track and do what i

>I don't know exactly how many bytes/second it handles, but it's very
>slow.. I have been more than 30 minutes waiting for something to be
>loaded, and more than 1 hour to save a volume with 12 songs.

that's really really slow. my scsi connection is a lot faster. it takes
under 10 min to
load and around 15 to save. the volume is about 55 - 60 mb big.