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Re: Please Help ME SU700 Scsi Problems

Gregor Zavcer wrote:
> i have one question, with glitches between changing scenes, what did you
> exactly mean, because i have no such problems...

I mean when you change from 2 scenes with different effect setup, it
takes 1 to 2 secs the SU to load new algorithms into DSPs of effect
processor, and depending on which effects you're using you can hear
those glitches.

> now i have a question, when you used the su700 with a hdd, how fast was 
> is there any difference between the zip and hdd?

when loading it's very SLOW, and when saving, 2*SLOW.

I don't know exactly how many bytes/second it handles, but it's very
slow.. I have been more than 30 minutes waiting for something to be
loaded, and more than 1 hour to save a volume with 12 songs.

hope this helps..