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San Francisco - Experimental music "open mic" Improv....

Oops, my last post only posted the ad. Hey guys, this is a posting from 
Craigslist.com (a San Francisco 'online classified ads' type page).

I played at this thing 2 weeks ago, and it was a lot of fun. I'll be back 
there this coming wednesday too with my CD player and turntable setup.

This ad is an open invite, too. If you like to improvise experimental 
show up with your equipment, and they'll make small groups out of the 
participants to play for 15 to 30 minutes or so. For the last 2 shows, not 
very many people showed up, so 1 group played for the whole hour.

Did I mention that it's free too? There's a $5 cover charge to see the 
that we open for, but that doesn't come into effect until the "open mic" 
over at 9.

There is a house sound system provided, but it's to your own advantage to 
bring your own amp. Since the club isn't that huge, and we're not that 
small to medium size amps/PA's are preferable to monster stacks.

Last week the setup was
-djumbek (spelling? It's a small hand drum)
-synth/sequencer making noise type music

The week before it was
-2 guitarists
-drum machine
-same synth/sequencer guy
-CD player & turntable (me)

This week - who knows? The more varied the instruments, the better.
The official information is below. I hope to meet some of you there.

Matt Davignon

CARNIVAL AD NAUSEAM....Experimental/Improv/Indie music, every Wednesday 
night at
Kimo's Nightclub (1351 Polk St. @ Pine, one block off of Van Ness), here 

For the frantic fringe...experimental music of all types: electronic, 
improvised, progressive...open mic improv sessions, 8 pm sharp...musicians 
your instruments (drums NOT provided at the
moment...unfortunately...anyone want to rent a kit out to me on
Wednesday nights for less than an arm and a leg?)...sign up...get placed in
ensembles...have about 15 minutes to create the inevitable (depending on
maybe more time will be given)...bands/artists to follow...for open minds 
open ears.

Come on people...let's stop the whining, get fearless, trade ideas, and 
some fuckin' noise.

$5 cover, free before 9 pm.

For booking info: Alquemy@hotmail.com
Current and upcoming bands and events:

bayimproviser.com........tell all your friends...

this is in or around San Francisco - Kimo's Nightclub
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