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edp questions

hello all,
just received a working edp after months of sending a defective one back 
forth to gibson. thanks for all the help shane!

i have couple questions

1.) can you set the edp up to start recording with just ONE press of the 
record button and no signal.....when i press the record button once the 
reads 000 till i either press the record button again or have some sorta 
signal going though it then it starts the record. any way to rig it so i 
just start recording with one press and no signal?

2.) when i've set up the edp "more loops" function for 2 
loops........recorded a loop and press next loop can i set the edp up copy 
the exact time of loop one on to loop 2 and have loop 2 automatically play 
soon as the copied time has expired?
right now  the only way i'm doing this is to set my edp up so it copies 
loop one time only when i press next loop button a second time after 
it to record loop 2.....it then automatically jumps back to loop one after 
finishing the copied time.......i'm wanting loop two to loop on for a 

thanks for any advice in advance!

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