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new CD available by dan howarth

hi folks, please let me take a moment to promote my first cd album:
"the Eurythmic King of Nowhere" ... it's me (dan howarth) playing warr
guitar and working with software, samples, and drum programs; there are a
few guest vocal spots. for the most part i played with the guitar and bass
tones through signal processors so you'll possibly enjoy some "new" sounds
here and there.
recorded by myself at home using various devices and equipment.

all songs are available through mp3.com for streamed audio listening in the
mp3 format.


cd purchase cost is only $8, shipping from mp3.com is $2.50.

artwork was created by tom johnson.

i also created a brief website which you can connect to from
mp3.com/danhowarth that contains notes on the music and a guestbook for 
commentary - which i'd really like to read. as well, please feel free to
promote EKoN to your friends.

thanks for your time,
dan howarth

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