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Re: edp questions

At 5:40 PM -0700 7/16/00, ENAT21213@aol.com wrote:
>hello all,
>just received a working edp after months of sending a defective one back 
>forth to gibson. thanks for all the help shane!
>i have couple questions
>1.) can you set the edp up to start recording with just ONE press of the
>record button and no signal.....when i press the record button once the 
>reads 000 till i either press the record button again or have some sorta
>signal going though it then it starts the record. any way to rig it so i 
>just start recording with one press and no signal?

For some reason you have the "threshold" parameter set to something other
than 0. (0 is the default....)   Set it back to 0 and it should work as you
expect.  Threshold is there as a way to "arm" the recording so it waits
until you actually play a sound before the recording starts. Handy for some
people.  You've apparently discovered this feature by accident. :-)

If you are just starting off, you may want to reset all of the parameters
to factory defaults just in case something else is set where you don't
expect it. You do this by holding down the Parameter button when you power
up. Keep it held until it gets through the startup screen to the "play"

>2.) when i've set up the edp "more loops" function for 2
>loops........recorded a loop and press next loop can i set the edp up copy
>the exact time of loop one on to loop 2 and have loop 2 automatically 
>play as
>soon as the copied time has expired?
>right now  the only way i'm doing this is to set my edp up so it copies 
>loop one time only when i press next loop button a second time after 
>it to record loop 2.....it then automatically jumps back to loop one after
>finishing the copied time.......i'm wanting loop two to loop on for a 

Sounds like you just need to learn how to use the time copy function a bit
better. It can do exactly what you want, I think you're probably just
hitting the wrong button to end the copy. When you go to end the timecopy,
press the "insert" button instead of the "nextloop" button, that should do
it. Time copy lets you copy multiples of the basic cycle time in the
original loop, so your second loop can be exactly 2x, 3x, 13x, etc. Just
wait to press Insert when you get the number of cycles you want, and the
echoplex will automatically round off for you and loop your new loop.

(this seems a little counter-intuitive in writing, but it's not at all once
you realize the time copy function is really just exactly like the insert
function going into another loop. The idea is to have the advanced
functions build on the basic functions, so everything works in a similar
way. Once you've learned the basic functions, you can easily extend the
same actions to the advanced features and the playing is intuitive. So
timecopy being an extension of the insert function, you end it with insert.
Soundcopy is similar, except it is build on the multiply function.)

here's a step by step for time copy:

- set the LoopCopy parameter to "ti" (for time)
- record a loop in loop 1
- When you are ready to record loop 2, press Next
- Loop 2 starts recording. If you let it keep going, you will see the
"multiple" display count up in increments of the cycle time for loop 1.
- When you have the number of cycle lengths you want, press Insert.
- the echoplex will finish up recording that cycle and begin loopint loop 

You can also take advantage of the SwitchQuant feature to copy audio and
time bases from one loop to another. (described in the manual under
switchquant.) It gives you more flexibility and control since you can
decided if it copies sound, time, or neither instead of doing it
automatically as with the LoopCopy feature. I prefer it for that reason,
since I like to be in control of it. Some people like to let the machine
take over and automate things more, so we offered both ways.


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