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Re: Mac question(What was deluxe, becomes debris.)

What was deluxe, becomes debris.  I never questioned loyalty, but this
dead end demolishes the dream of an open information superhighway.

Metro by Cakewalk (the program was written by Jeremy Sagan, Carl's son
and a personal friend of mine) is beta tested on an SE30!  It will
pretty much run on anything if you've got the RAM.  I'm sure if you beef
up your Centris's RAM, you can get it going just fine.  I used to do
multitrack recording on an Mac IIx with 8meg of RAM and a lot of
patience.  The cool thing is that you can probably get an old nubus
audiomedia II card for next to nothing and have a decent little work

Good luck!

rich wrote:

> >I have an old, Mac Centris 610.  Would someone please
> >take the time to tell me if there is any kind of
> >software synth, old Pro Tools rig, even a cool MIDI
> >sequencer that I could run on this tired, old girl?
> I believe Doorstop Pro v1.0 works great on those machines...