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Re: Mac question(What was deluxe, becomes debris.)

I'm inclined to disagree with you on this point.  I think it's too easy 
for us
to disregard older technology because of it's retail "value."  If you're
willing to be a "bottom feeder" you'd be surprised what you can do with 
technology.  I have a friend who bought an audiomedia III nubus card for 
and he now has a nice little hard disk recording system.  Sure, not the
fastest, but consider the price.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club was made on a 4 track even though 8 track
technology was available.  BMI didn't feel the Beatles were worth the extra

Mark Sottilaro

rich wrote:

> Apologies for my initial sarcasm...It's just i'm in the same boat.  I've
> got a 1st generation power mac (7100/66, 2gig HD, 48mb ram) that COULD be
> used as an audio machine, but the thought of dumping cash into it for 
> i will get out of it is a depressing thought at best.  Think about it, I
> have to pull the RAM, because the old chips are taking up all of the 
> pay for the new stuff, add another hard drive, try to find video ram so i
> can run a larger monitor, and the audio card!  And i could get a G4 box 
> $1600.  No wonder we're creating so much debris.  I disagree about 
> a nubus audio card for cheap.  Either they are extremely hard to find, or
> the prices aren't attractive at all, from what i've seen.  If anybody has
> other experiences, or wants to sell theirs for cheap, let me know!
> Oh, and my mac dealer offered a whopping $50 for trade in.  Doesn't that
> just make you feel dandy?  Lessee, i only paid $2000 for the CPU in '94
> with a 250mb hard drive and 8mb of RAM!  ouch...
> rich
> ps. if anybody needs any doorstops, i think we have some 40mb hard drives
> around here at work...
> >What was deluxe, becomes debris.  I never questioned loyalty, but this
> >dead end demolishes the dream of an open information superhighway.
> >
> >Metro by Cakewalk (the program was written by Jeremy Sagan, Carl's son
> >and a personal friend of mine) is beta tested on an SE30!  It will
> >pretty much run on anything if you've got the RAM.  I'm sure if you beef
> >up your Centris's RAM, you can get it going just fine.  I used to do
> >multitrack recording on an Mac IIx with 8meg of RAM and a lot of
> >patience.  The cool thing is that you can probably get an old nubus
> >audiomedia II card for next to nothing and have a decent little work
> >horse.
> >
> >Good luck!
> >
> >rich wrote:
> >
> >> >I have an old, Mac Centris 610.  Would someone please
> >> >take the time to tell me if there is any kind of
> >> >software synth, old Pro Tools rig, even a cool MIDI
> >> >sequencer that I could run on this tired, old girl?
> >>
> >> I believe Doorstop Pro v1.0 works great on those machines...