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Re: Lots of fun.

 I would
> _love_ to get one of those relatively inexpensive 450+MHz laptops, 
>install a
> software synth on it, and use it instead of a commercial synth/sampler 
> in all likelihood would be far less flexible and in some cases more 
> with a MIDI guitar/keyboard controller.  This new Digigram VXPocket card 
> laptops sounds promising but I have not been able to find "field 
>reports" yet
> from performing musicians, plus it's expensive.

As far as the VX pocket is concerned  the word on the street for Mac users
(at least Max/Msp users) is that the VX pocket adds a 20 or 30 percent cpu
overhead, and if you go to 24 bit it's a real hog.I don't know anyone who's
using one live, the sound manager spec is fine for live gigs.The rule with
live gigs as always is "keep it simple": having a studio quality ADDA rig
with ASIO drivers and all the fruit seems to me to be asking for trouble.