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Re: Lots of fun.

If I understand you correctly, Max/MSP/Powerbook users are getting along 
fine without an add-on card, using just Sound Manager?  David Zicarelli's
comments at cycling74.com leave an impression that Sound Manager is a
performance dog on Powerbooks.  Maybe I just got the wrong impression?


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> As far as the VX pocket is concerned  the word on the street for Mac 
> (at least Max/Msp users) is that the VX pocket adds a 20 or 30 percent 
> overhead, and if you go to 24 bit it's a real hog.I don't know anyone 
> using one live, the sound manager spec is fine for live gigs.The rule 
> live gigs as always is "keep it simple": having a studio quality ADDA rig
> with ASIO drivers and all the fruit seems to me to be asking for trouble.
> L8r
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