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Re: Lots of fun.

> If I understand you correctly, Max/MSP/Powerbook users are getting along 
> fine without an add-on card, using just Sound Manager?  David Zicarelli's
> comments at cycling74.com leave an impression that Sound Manager is a
> performance dog on Powerbooks.  Maybe I just got the wrong impression?

Which comments?There is the table of Sound Manager latencies, and he talks 
bit about the limitations of 16 bit sound, which as far as I'm concerned
isn't a big deal for live gigs, but apart from that I don't see where Sound
Manager gets badly dissed.People I know who are using the gear live
generally still all go with the sound manager.

I suppose it all boils down to what you want to use it for.If I were doing 
gig where I had some prerecorded textures or loops from MAX or any 
I could probably afford to go the whole hog with sound quality (as long as
the PA made it worthwhile!), but MAX/MSP situations tend to be a little 
taxing, what with sampling, audio and midi triggers,a whole bunch of
different kinds of synthesis and interaction and all the other ridiculous
things MAX/MSP people dream of doing live.

As soon as Mr Digigram or Mr Apple or whoever can let all my patches  run
together in perfect harmony at 24bit 96khz I'll throw real wads of pocket
money at them, but until then I'd like to avoid playing the "Macintosh
startup sound blues" as much as possible.