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L.A. people: gig on Monday w/eric potter

Hi loop-oriented L.A. pals,

 Charlie and I will be playing guitars with Sabrina Judge for a 40 minute 
 this Monday night. You could be back home in time to do your own thing or
 hang out with me or us afterward. Cynthia and I had a good meal there a 
 months ago, if you're so inclined. The music is dark, atmospheric songs 
with some ambient guitar. I'll stop right there.

 It's probably your last chance to see me in person for a while, as I'll be
 travelling until mid-August after that.

 -eric potter

Note: reply to <eric@potter.org> if you'd like to reply.

 Sabrina Judge
 Monday July 17
 8:00 PM
 The Mint                                                                  
 6010 West Pico Blvd.                                           
 Los Angeles CA 90035  
 hotline: 323-954-9630