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Re: Lots of fun.

> That makes me think of the highly polarised reviews I've heard from 
> who've heard/(sort of) seen Fripp do this.... He sometimes begins a solo
> performance before the audience has even entered the hall so that they're
> met with sound when they walk in, and has been known to get up and walk
> around at this type of event when the loop content is sufficiently dense
> sustain itself. The accounts of this sort of performance that I've heard
> from people who were in attendance are extreme; they either thought it 
> absolutely brilliant, or felt somehow disappointed that their 
> of their idea of a "performance" were not fulfilled. I've heard very few
> ambivalent reports; they've either loved it or hated it. He's also
> notorious for liking to be poorly lit, so that idea of playing offstage
> of sight of the audience isn't too far off!
> Tim

I've seen  the Fripp a couple of times , and I thought it was cool that he
sat there, doing his thing, in the semi dark.  I speculated about reasons
for this, but some time later I read that Mr Fripp has a problem with his
eyes : it seems he just can't stand very bright light.
With all this loop - ambient or whatever, it's nice that there are some
visuals, but if the music's really good, I just close my eyes (after I've
had a good look at the musicians tools of course)