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Re: Lots of fun.

In a message dated 7/14/00 6:43:23 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 

<< That's right, he did, and speaking of Gabriel, in his early days with
 Genesis he had wanted to sing from behind a curtain due to stage-fright!
I played once in a band that had a guy who played bass/guitar in a 
refrigerator-size cardboard box on stage (AKA Sammy Norge) so he could 
?, and do what
he liked while playing live.The borderline frustrations of the artist in 
midst of the
cruelest of circumstances is the nature of great writings by Glenn 
Gould,Fripp and
others over the years, anything you have to do make yourself perform live 
a task
in the modern world. It's a wonder live performance isn't dead yet.