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Re: Lots of fun.

>> there is very deliberately NO visual or 'stage presence' element to 
>> performances whatsoever.
>That idea has always intrigued me.  If the band (or DJ, or whatever) came
>out on stage, with no fanfare, no spotlights, no NOTHING, and just started
>to play, what effect would that have on an audience?  To go one step
>further, what if they played off-stage, so the audience couldn't even see
>them?  Would that still constitute a live performance?  If it failed, 
>that represent a failure of the audience to rise to the challenge, or just
>signify that it was stupid thing for the performers to do?  If it 
>what would that mean?

These days I'm drawn more and more to the idea of an installation in 
which I'd be performing live: The best of all worlds?  The audience has 
visuals and a space through which to move,  I get to perform in response 
to the audience but still be anonimous.  Or at least invisible.  

To peform invisibly...or without the audience even knowing they are at a 
perfomance is one of my favorite subversive acts.  Of course I put myself 
in this position every time I stop and listen to the sounds around me.  
Then it all comes down to intention...