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Re: Lots of fun.

>At 06:12 PM 7/14/00 -0400,Peter wrote:
>... If the band (or DJ, or whatever) came
>>out on stage, with no fanfare, no spotlights, no NOTHING, and just 
>>to play, what effect would that have on an audience?  To go one step
>>further, what if they played off-stage, so the audience couldn't even see
>>them? ...
>and Tim Nelson wrote:
>That makes me think of the highly polarised reviews I've heard from people
>who've heard/(sort of) seen Fripp do this.... He sometimes begins a solo
>performance before the audience has even entered the hall so that they're
>met with sound when they walk in, and has been known to get up and walk
>around at this type of event when the loop content is sufficiently dense 
>sustain itself. The accounts of this sort of performance that I've heard
>from people who were in attendance are extreme; they either thought it was
>absolutely brilliant, or felt somehow disappointed that their expectations
>of their idea of a "performance" were not fulfilled. I've heard very few
>ambivalent reports; they've either loved it or hated it. He's also
>notorious for liking to be poorly lit, so that idea of playing offstage 
>of sight of the audience isn't too far off!
and I add: firstly, Mr. Fripp's running commentary on public performance 
be easily tapped into via his open diary at
Secondly, doesn't anyone remember the light shows of the sixties, when the
musicians were just part of the scene? I have some very fond memories of
great players creating great music while being dwarfed by giant amoebic
swirls and film loops. (You may insert appropriate sarcastic and jaded
comments about drugs here.)
Thirdly, poor Tim, I again apologize for dumping some edits for GuitarOne
magazine into your e-mail box. The similarity of your name to TROY Nelson
was the reason behind that lil' slip.
Douglas Baldwin, Alpha male Coyote, the Trickster