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german looper

Hi all,

a few weeks back I stumbled on some music from a german looper, and I found
it the best loops I've heard yet.  But I didn't bookmark his page, and I
can't find him anymore.  I remember having read he is playing since the
early 70's and he has taken Guitar Craft lessons for a couple of years.  
solo's are very frippo´d, as he calls them, but his rhythms and loops are
very original to my knowledge.
Does anyone have any idea who I'm on about?


Sound Mind

P.S.  concerning visuals : my previous band, The Far Out Band, was usually 
five piece, playing live with lots of synths, and very often ostinato's.
The band members were just lit by the projectors and blacklights,  in the
Hawkwind tradition.  You don't have to remember the 60's for this stuff,
it's still very much happening .  When my new band Man-In-Space will hit 
stage, we'll take the same approach.  We wouldn't want to drive the female
audience crazy, now would we :)