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Re: german looper

At 12:51 p.m. 16/07/00 +0200, you wrote:

michael peters ?

>Hi all,
>a few weeks back I stumbled on some music from a german looper, and I 
>it the best loops I've heard yet.  But I didn't bookmark his page, and I
>can't find him anymore.  I remember having read he is playing since the
>early 70's and he has taken Guitar Craft lessons for a couple of years.  
>solo's are very frippo´d, as he calls them, but his rhythms and loops are
>very original to my knowledge.
>Does anyone have any idea who I'm on about?
>Sound Mind
>P.S.  concerning visuals : my previous band, The Far Out Band, was 
>usually a
>five piece, playing live with lots of synths, and very often ostinato's.
>The band members were just lit by the projectors and blacklights,  in the
>Hawkwind tradition.  You don't have to remember the 60's for this stuff,
>it's still very much happening .  When my new band Man-In-Space will hit 
>stage, we'll take the same approach.  We wouldn't want to drive the female
>audience crazy, now would we :)