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>...Yes, there is at least one other Kyma user on the list!

Great to hear it, Vance!  Your enthusiasm over Kyma is clear (and 

When I bought my first EDP, it quickly "converted" me to the Looper 
Then I got the Kyma system and now I'm a Looper missionary.  Now, I fear 
DSPs to my Kyma because I'd start preaching in the streets.  I'd carry a 
saying, "The End is the Beginning..."

What is your looping set-up like?  And do you use your Kyma in live 

I'm still building a new system.  And probably will be for the next year 
as I'm
not certain what hardware I need yet nor the bucks to get whatever it is I 
I need.  Currently, I have the Capybara "Lite" (Capybara-320 with four I/O
channels, four DSPs and no expansion cards), two EDPs, a MOTU MIDI Express 
an old 90Mhz laptop, and a Tascam 1024 mixer.  There's a few other items in
there like power amps and speakers, but you get the idea.

Dennis Leas