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Re: Lots of fun.

>good point .. they should rename Gnutella 'Ourobros' ..
>but maybe allowing everyone to make music (and, yes, take samples off
>others) will bring "music" back as a thing people do, rather than a
>spectacle that people go to see, or buy off the shelf. Would that be a bad
>thing? Well, "where would we make our money" might be one good question. 
>we have to let go of the idea of getting paid to do something that started
>off as a storytelling/social function ? Maybe this is another phase like
>punk, of bringing music back to the people .. but I think this particular
>change will go much deeper, and be more fundamental.

Fascinating ideas!  

Yes, there is a new 'do it your self' work ethic.  I can't but help think 
that John Cage (amongst others) would approve.  Is this the re-defining 
of 'folk music' so long sought?  It does seem to me that the spirit and 
process of folk is best represented by punk and bedroom musicians, 
whereas the aesthetic of folk is carried (in a gold plated box) by the 
folks with guitars making music in the style of...The Weavers or 

 >>Samples stolen by the computer to make more music on
>> the computer. (snake eating tail...loop content)

This is clearly the 'remixing' of culture in general.  Cf. Prodigy, jeans 
with suit jacket, nose rings and tattoos with scaled up baby clothes etc.

I do believe that people still want to get out and have an experience.  
There are social aspects, visual, multi-sensory for that matter.  And 
more importantly, the feeling of having an 'experience' and being part of 
something.  Musicians need to find new ways to create experiences for 
people.  Perhaps the rave is just the tip of a whole new wave of 
'happenings'.  By the way, there was mention of Autechre earlier.  By way 
of a challenge to what I just said, I must ask: why do people go to their 
shows?  I've never seen them (I'd love to, though), but I understand that 
there is very deliberately NO visual or 'stage presence' element to their 
performances whatsoever.  

My own looping performances have very little to interest the eye (unless 
you're another looper and ya wanna scope out my gear!).  I think that 
this may be true of many of us.  However, I'd love to get something 
visual happening.  And I hate being an ego on stage, so I do understand 
groups like Autechre.  In fact, anonimity is one of the more interesting 
aspects of this 'electronica' scene.  Anyone in Toronto interested???

Regards to all,