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Planet of the Loops, Toronto 18th July

I thought that some of you might be interested in this.  Andrew plays 
guitar, mainly, and I play...not to sure at the moment...bass?  mbira?  
oud?  This is part of The Ambient Ping, a weekly event at Po Boys and 
Planet of the Loops, a monthly event at same.

The Ambient Ping and Planet of the Loops present Ben Grossman and Andrew 
Aldridge performing music inspired by non-existant ethnic traditions.  
Discover the happy-sad polyrythmic craggyness of the Flømåx peninsula, the 
humming, dissonant beat-frequency bliss of the sacred music of 
Melipolesia...and more!!!!

The madness begins at 9:30, 18th of July, 2000 at Po Boys, 159 Augusta (in 
Kensington Market), Toronto. 

Hope to see you there!