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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #223

Hi Mike,
What are you trying to do exactly. Morphing bird song possibly?
I agree with the others on this list Kyma is the best tool for the job.
At over 2000 pounds though it's a big investment. Coincidentally I'm
thinking of going for it myself. It runs on windows machines too.
Csound is a pig to use unless you are numerically inclined. There is a
vocoder VST plugin made by prosoniq which reputedly has a morphing
function. Apparently you can download a demo. Try it and let us know how
you get on. Of course you'd have to run the Prosoniq plugin under Cubase
or Audiomulch or something, (does Logic run VST plugins?)
These are the dark ages for computer music- you could always hang on for
5 years :)


> no no, I'm not interested in synths morphing or in crossfading samples.
> What I want is exactly what Kim has described. I've seen and heard it in
> music from big computer music studios, like IRCAM. There *must* be some
> software that can do the same thing. The IRCAM software seemed to run on 
> Mac. I need it for Windows.
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