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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #223

Hi Gareth,

>I agree with the others on this list Kyma is the best tool for the job.
>At over 2000 pounds though it's a big investment. Coincidentally I'm
>thinking of going for it myself. It runs on windows machines too.

That would be cool!  I could rave-on about the Kyma but I'll be polite.  
there other Kyma users on our list?

If you get one, let me know.  I've been writing a number of Kyma looper 
sort of a looper construction kit, that lets you construct different types 
loopers very quickly.  And I have an EDP loop capture that lets me move a 
seamlessly from an EDP to the Kyma.  (And I do mean seamlessly, you can't 
when the EDP stops looping and the Kyma begins.)

Dennis Leas