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Re: Lots of fun.

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Sent: Friday, July 14, 2000 11:01 AM
Subject: Re: Lots of fun.

> I do believe that people still want to get out and have an experience.
> There are social aspects, visual, multi-sensory for that matter.  And
> more importantly, the feeling of having an 'experience' and being part of
> something.  Musicians need to find new ways to create experiences for
> people.  Perhaps the rave is just the tip of a whole new wave of

One likes to think that there will always be a market for bands like Kiss
and Pink Floyd and U2, who put on elaborate Events that are, in some ways,
closer to musical theater than anything else.

> 'happenings'.  By the way, there was mention of Autechre earlier.  By way
> of a challenge to what I just said, I must ask: why do people go to their
> shows?  I've never seen them (I'd love to, though), but I understand that
> there is very deliberately NO visual or 'stage presence' element to their
> performances whatsoever.

That idea has always intrigued me.  If the band (or DJ, or whatever) came
out on stage, with no fanfare, no spotlights, no NOTHING, and just started
to play, what effect would that have on an audience?  To go one step
further, what if they played off-stage, so the audience couldn't even see
them?  Would that still constitute a live performance?  If it failed, would
that represent a failure of the audience to rise to the challenge, or just
signify that it was stupid thing for the performers to do?  If it 
what would that mean?

Loop content...  I narrowly missed snatching a Line 6 DL4 on ebay today.