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A/B/Y schematic

Hello everyone...

I'm looking at my pedalboard (The River of Heraclitus) with that glazed
solder-sniffer's expression yet again... Never content, ever evolving; but

Can anyone point me to a schematic/parts list for a good footswitchable DIY
A/B/Y box?

I've built simple passive splitter/switchers before that have been
moderately OK, but to have it work the way it really should, I think I'll
need a transformer in there for ground isolation, a couple of LEDs to show
what's going on, and possibly a power supply.

What I'm trying to do is to use a doubleneck bass and guitar (separate
outputs, but mounted together) with each going to its own amp, BUT sharing
the same pedalboard. The two instruments would not be playing at the same
time, but I'd need to be to quickly switch between them.