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do you have a day job?

a signficant other?

if so, are you using some sort of time-stretching device to add hours to
the day?



>Not to say you can't loop purely in Kyma-land.  It's just that I miss the
>EDP interface/display.  The combination works great!  For example, I have
>that let me slave Kyma loops to the EDP.  So the EDP acts as the master 
>source with the Kyma loops synchronized to the EDP.  I do this by using
>one EDP
>to build up my sync track, then I use the footswitch of my second EDP
>purely to
>control the Kyma (I'm shopping for a MIDI footswitch), creating the slave
>directly on the Kyma system.  So I have four loops, the master from the
>EDP, and
>three slave loops.  I have four speakers in a quad set-up with each loop 
>in a
>different speaker.  Then I have a "ClapDetector" (no, it's not a medical
>it's a Kyma Sound of mine) control the quad panning.  Each time I clap my
>(or hit my claves, etc), the sounds rotate.  The faster I clap, the faster
>rotate.  Big time fun!
>Dennis Leas