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Re: edp restarting itself

At 9:27 PM -0700 7/23/00, ENAT21213@aol.com wrote:
>my edp is occasionally restarting itself when i power it up....it will
>restart itself 2..3....4 times then it seems to stabilize most of the
>time.....sometimes it will just lock up and a #(ussaly 9) or a letter
>(usually L) will be the only thing on the led....sometimes it just goes
>totally blank.......sometimes it works perfectly.
>i seem to recall others having this problem.....any advice to cure this

probably nobody will fix it with email, so you'll likely need to contact
Gibson about that one.

my only thought is it's likely the memory simms. that type of behavior is
usually a symptom of a memory problem. you might try reseating them in the
sockets, or put in a different set of simms and see if that fixes it.

good luck,

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