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R: edp restarting itself

Maybe I was one of those talking of problems like the ones you are telling
about (plus some others).
I have had to send my edp both to Usa support (Shane Radtke) and to Europe
ones (Andy Ewen), plus I have discussed the problem with some of you.
The amazing thing was that it seems the cause of these non-regular problems
on the edp can be found in some bad connections of the circuitry inside the
machine (memories etc.).
I have had all my problems fixed and I have to say the both Shane and Andy
have been the most helpful and concretely kind people one can find.
If I had to find a new problem like the one you are telling about, I would
bring my edp to a good electronic technician to check all the connections
now that it is out of warranty.

Good Luck,

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Subject: edp restarting itself

> my edp is occasionally restarting itself when i power it up....it will
> restart itself 2..3....4 times then it seems to stabilize most of the
> time.....sometimes it will just lock up and a #(ussaly 9) or a letter
> (usually L) will be the only thing on the led....sometimes it just goes
> totally blank.......sometimes it works perfectly.
> i seem to recall others having this problem.....any advice to cure this
> problem
> thanks
> brian
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