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San Francisco - Chain Tape compilations at Aquarius Records

Hey guys,
Just letting anyone in the San Francisco area know that 2 loopers' 
compilations are for sale at Aquarius Records, at the corner of Valencia 

CT Akapella
For this project, the musicians composed music with their voices, using 
studio tricks, processing, sampling, etc for various bizarre results. Some 
songs are pretty, some are dark, and others are just plain weird.

CT Found Sound
For this CD, participants were only allowed to use previously recorded
sounds. While about half of us were pretty familiar with the medium, the 
other half were instrumentalists up to the challenge of doing this for the 
first time.

Or, if you prefer, you can still order them from me, at the cost of $5 
My own CD 5 Spots is also available both there and through me.

Matt Davignon

Coming soon from the CT Group!!! :

Filter Frenzy:
An exploration of musical filters of all types.

Ambient-Meditative Music (2 CD set):
Pretty self-explanatory.

Source/Product (2 CD set):
Disc 1 contains 5 minutes of sound contributed by each musician. Disc 2
contains 5 minutes of music from each musician, only using the sounds on
disc 1.

20 different approaches to blues music.

75 Seconds:
52 songs by 27 different artists - each no longer than 75 seconds.

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