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Re: San Francisco - Chain Tape compilations at Aquarius Records

Kinda off tangent and maybe & kinda sorta related  but more self 
promotional...Temple of Bonmatin ( the other band i sling geetar for ) 
just got back from a west Coast Tour last week.

We played at the "Crocodie" in SF and at "channel" one in san jose. 

bon matin also did a live radio broadcast from wkjc ...well i cant recall 
the stations exact name but its 89.1, i think...

we were hosted by a great & Intense "noise-psychedelic-imporvised-jam 
band" called "Liquorball" who had great sounds and cool players and no 
MIDI time code... stuff like modular synths...the kind of synths u stik 
leads in and out of in a rack. 

there was also a dj making loopey noises and swooshes and lotsa loopey 
sweeps, a kickin english drummer and a guitar player named grady who was 
absolutely phenominal. The "crocodie" was a very cool place, very rock n 
toll looking but the crowd and the audiences were great. 

Liqourball also had a guy with them whom i was told was iggy pop's sax 
player from the fun house era. he wuz cookin too.

and like an absent minded idiot, i forgot to mention to use  " Looper " 
guyyys that we wuz comin out westward. Better late than never.

But i reccomend all o' yall go ck out "Liquorball" if u live in The SF-BAy 
area in addition to all the other bay area talent there is to see and hear 

Warm Regards,
215.592.9963 akashicphonelines
"Remember to Always Kill your Expectations".
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